About us - Continuously improving meeting culture

Our team came together through a shared passion to improve organizational productivity and well-being. Our purpose is to drive a culture of continuously improving meetings and communication.

We believe that too many organizations are struggling to be productive and nimble. An imperative capability for them to stay competitive. The core of this challenge is effective communication as organizations grow.

Project Manda leverages decades of experience managing and building great teams and products personally. We've felt this pain ourselves, learned the hard lessons, and believe the answer lies in data. Our software helps you make data based decisions on where to focus energy, and gives you a modern AI meeting assistant to help your team make improvements.


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Productivity resources to help you get more out of your day.

Using Google Workspace service accounts to roll out Project Manda to your whole enterprise

How to set up service accounts in Google Workspace to help with large scale enterprise deployments.

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Avoid Late Meetings

Here's Why You Should Always Include a Video Conference Link or Location in an Invite

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Run delightful meetings with Project Manda

Meetings are a huge investment of our time, for individuals and organisations alike. It's time to raise the bar and keep it high.

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