Individual - Integrate Google Calendar with Slack

Project Manda integrates Google Calendar and Slack to give you a clever AI productivity assistant right where you work.

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How it works - Power up Slack with Manda

Project Manda is much more than a calendar integration - its a clever AI meeting assistant, known as Manda, that knows all the best meeting productivity research, keeps an eye on your calendar, and presents you with actionable improvements.

Never forget that Zoom link again

How many times have you gone to join a meeting and the organiser has forgotten to put in a video link? It wastes precious meeting time and is frustrating for all attending. Manda checks all your meeting invites to make sure this doesn't happen and can even add one for you.

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Get feedback to run better meetings

We focus on feedback for our products, services, employees and team, but when was the last time you collected feedback for a meeting you organized? It's hard to improve what you don't measure. Only by collecting feedback can we start to run better meetings and improve the effectiveness of that time.

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Provide feedback to keep improving

Ever walked out of a meeting having wished it had been more productive? Had feedback for the organiser but no easy way to deliver it? Well, Manda can do the hard work for you and best of all it's anonymous!

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Get AI coaching to improve

Get your own personal meeting coach to help you collect feedback and improve the way you run your meetings. Manda will set you goals and help with clever ideas to run better meetings and best of all you can track your progress over time.

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Improve your meeting response rates

Are you notoriously bad at responding to meeting invites? Or are there people in your team that are like this? Not to worry, Manda has you covered!

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Get help with agendas for expensive meetings

Not every meeting needs an agenda, but if you're using up many company resources to discuss something it pays off to come prepared. Manda can remind you when you forget an agenda and also help you put one together.

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Run shorter meetings and break back-to-back cycles

Break the mold of the default 60min meeting. Research shows you can achieve the same outcomes with shorter meetings and at the same time break back to back meeting cycles. Manda has got your back!

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Integrate Google Calendar and Slack

We integrate with Google Calendar and Slack - so you can keep using the tools you already love.

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Project Manda is a game changer for our productivity. It's helping my team improve their meeting habits with more visibility, accountability, and better feedback.

Denis Vujicic
CTO, RateMyAgent

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