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by Ed, Co-founder

Microsoft's Human Factors Lab used EEG caps to measure beta wave activity

Here's Why You Should Always Include a Video Conference Link or a Location in an Invite

Hey there, forgetful meeting organizers! Don't forget to include either the physical location or video conference link in your meeting invites. Without this info, participants may end up lost and confused, causing delays and rescheduling. And don't even get us started on the hassle of sending follow-up emails with the missing link. So, double-check that invite and make sure all necessary info is included, so everyone can join in the fun (or boredom) of the meeting.

How can Project Manda help with this?

A screenshot showing Project Manda reminding someone about a missing video link

Project Manda is constantly working for you and monitoring your meeting activity in the background. If you create a meeting invite in a hurry and forget to attach either a video conference link or a location he will be quick to remind you and can even generate a video conference link for you.

How do I turn this feature on?

A screenshot of the toggle for this feature in the Settings Screen of Project Manda

To enable this feature just check your login to Project Manda and check the Settings to make sure “Check video link or location” is turned on and Project Manda will take care of the rest.

Currently not using Project Manda?

Don't worry, your personal AI Meeting productivity assistant is only a few clicks away. Head over to projectmanda.com to get started...

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