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Baseline meeting habits, get meeting feedback to drive engagement, as well as a host of suggestions from our AI meeting assistant to supercharge your team meetings.

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Game changing insights

Project Manda analyzes your team's meetings to give you visibility of one of your biggest operating expenses - meetings. This lets you focus your efforts to improve meeting culture and productivity.

By looking at your past and future meeting activity, as well as comparing your trends to similar businesses, we are able to provide a series of research based recommendations with actionable targets to help put productivity time back into your business.

Get a baseline for how much time you spend in various types of meetings. Break down by department/team/size/type. Identify changing trends. Then let Project Manda track the data in real-time for you.

Project Manda was able to analyse meeting data for the whole organisation and then provide us with a series of recommendations to help us plan to boost business productivity using incredibly clever insights.

Pooyan Asgari, Chief Data Officer, Domain Group

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See how much time each department is spending in meetings

Track the use of agendas for expensive meetings

Find the optimal meeting size for proper outcomes

Break the mold of the default 60min meeting

Identify patterns and focus energy

AI meeting assistant

Imagine if every one of your employees had their own meeting assistant and coach to help them have more productive meetings.

Manda, our friendly conversational AI meeting assistant, can make that happen at scale by helping each team member learn and maintain a high professional bar for meetings. A friendly helper to drive positive change.

What can Manda help with?

  • Consistent invites. Manda will message you on Slack if you forget to add that zoom link, or agenda. Fully configurable
  • Make it speedy. Forgot to make that meeting 25 minutes? Project Manda has your back and will remind you to shrink those meetings and give you back more time.
  • Meeting feedback. Close the feedback loop and get anonymous aggregated feedback from meeting attendees. This empowers everyone to provide constructive or positive feedback without feeling awkward.

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Get feedback and improve

We focus on feedback for our products, services, employees and team, but when was the last time you collected feedback for a meeting you organized? It's hard to improve what you don't measure. Only by collecting feedback can we start to run better meetings and improve the effectiveness of that time.

Use our conversational Manda AI bot to anonymously collect feedback from attendees, summarize the results, and then coach you to run more productive meetings. Close that feedback loop to get real qualitative feedback to raise awareness and make change. Best of all you can track how your meetings improve over time!

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Project Manda is a game changer for our productivity. It's helping my team improve their meeting habits with more visibility, accountability, and better feedback.

Denis Vujicic
CTO, RateMyAgent

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