Using Google Workspace service accounts to roll out Project Manda to your whole enterprise

by Armin, Co-founder

Implementing Project Manda across your organization using Google Workspace service accounts

Project Manda uses "service accounts" from Google Workspace to facilitate enterprise-wide rollouts. This guide outlines everything you need to know.

Typically, individuals must register for Project Manda and link their calendars during the initial setup process. However, with service accounts, Google Workspace admins can authorize Project Manda across the entire workspace, enabling automatic user onboarding. This document explains what a service account is, how to establish one for Project Manda, and how to prepare for deploying Project Manda across your teams.

What is a Google Workspace service account?

A service account is designed for "domain-wide delegation" within Google Workspace. It allows a Google Admin to provide Project Manda with access to employee calendars at a domain level. This makes it so users can be onboarded to Project Manda without having to explicitly grant access themselves.

How to set up a service account to onboard Project Manda users

  1. Navigate to your Google Workspace Admin portal
  2. Navigate to Security -> Access and data control -> API Controls
  3. Click on Manage Domain Wide Delegation
Manage Domain Wide Delegation screenshot
  1. Click Add New on the API Clients heading.
Add New Client screenshot
  1. In the "Add a new client ID" dialog, enter the following information:

Client ID:


Add New Client form screenshot
  1. Click Authorise to complete the delegation.

  2. Let us know you're finished by emailing and confirming the email address used for the above authorization.

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